Another awesome few days of Archery Tag was had by all

We had an occupied weekend here at Hot Shots Archery Games. We were welcomed out to Fitness 535 to praise their commemoration. It was an incredible occasion. Because of Bows for having us out. 

Different variants of the diversion were played, from "Excellent" which is fundamentally dodgeball standards, to Infected, where we begin 1-3 players on the Infected side, each with 2 "Lives", which means they must be hit twice to be thumped out, and every single other player on the inverse side. In the event that a tainted player hits you or gets one of your bolts you get to be contaminated, once you're contaminated you move to the contaminated group and keep on attempting to take out your previous colleagues. 

I have been looking into new forms of diversion play also, and will be presenting two new forms one week from now. In the first place is "Mystery Agent" where every group chooses one player as the Secret Agent, if that player is hit, the other group naturally wins. The Secret Agent can't take cover behind a shelter for all the more then 10 seconds on end. Second is Defection. This amusement takes somewhat more to play. On the off chance that you are hit by the other group, you don't sit out you move to the group that hit you and amusement play proceeds, until one group is wiped out totally. If you are interested please check out:

We will be open Labor Day Weekend Saturday 11-8 and Sunday 1-7. We will likewise have a stall set up at the Chaplin Labor Day Festival, so please come make proper acquaintance‚Ķ 

Have an incredible week!